What are the top questions young entrepreneurs should be asking themselves?

A lot of youngsters in India are hopeful of riding this wave of entrepreneurship that is sweeping across the ‘new’ India.


Here are a few questions that I believe every young entrepreneur must ask herself/ himself:

From a business point:

  • What are we doing (concept) and why is this important (what need or opportunity does it address)
  • Who will use this
  • Who will pay for this, to whom and how much and how often? (Customer segment and business model)
  • How am I going to do all this (the operating plan)

From a personal point:

  • Why am I doing this (motivation – to make money, to change the world, to do ….)
  • Are the people I am doing this with (my co-founders) the ones that I feel really, emotionally close to (if not, won’t last)
  • At what milestones will I say “I am successful”
  • What will be the parameters for me to give up and move on
  • How much time can I pursue this without a salary
  • What alternate opportunities am I giving up to do this… and why am I happy doing that



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